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Etna Alcantara Gorge – The Lesser Known Spectacle of Nature

Etna Alcantara Gorge – The Lesser Known Spectacle Of Nature

In the majestic beauty of Mt. Etna, people frequently forget to take a trip to the Etna Alcantara Gorge. It is located on the northern slopes of the mountain. The locals love the place as a spot to cool off during the long and hot summers of Sicily. The gorge is formed by the runoff from the Mount Etna and Nebrodi Mountains. The Alcantara River is one of those rivers of the region that runs the year around. The large lava flows coming down in the past from the mountain blocks the flow of the river at certain points creating beautiful scenarios.

All about the Transfer to Etna Alcantara Gorge

The Etna Alcantara Gorge comes as the part and parcel of the trip to Sicily. While visiting Mount Etna, do not forget to ask your tour guide about taking you to the place. The best thing that you can do is to take up a shuttle service to Etna Alcantara Gorge from the well known Sicilia Shuttle Service. The tours of this company can include the trip to the place as a stop along the way to other destination. The rates of the trip depend on the number of members. All along the way you can get to know about the various interesting geographical features of this amazing terrain. You can hire minivan that will pick you up from a particular destination and after all the sightseeing they will drop you at your hotel.

All about the Etna Alcantara Gorge

Many trails have been formed along the way where the river has turned its course due to the obstruction of the lava flows. There are two ways to get to the place – either by taking an elevator that lands you to 50 meters of the river or by taking the stairs. The stones beach is a great place to cool off your tired feet or just take a sunbath. If you are feeling a little adventurous, go to a bit on the deeper end and dive into the clear waters of the river. The water is cold, but after the whole day of walking, it will definitely feel refreshing.

Your Tour in Sicily will remain incomplete without a trip to this place and more so in the summers. There are two popular trails that go up from the river. One of those is the Gorge trail that lets you take a look at the lava columns up close. There are botanical gardens around the area too with rest benches. This is one place that is bestowed with the nature’s bounty. The easier trail is the Eleonor trail that covers around half a mile radius and here the noticeable things are the lava monoliths.

The Mount Etna tours feel thorough once you take in the sights of this natural architecture. Take your spirit of exploration and your best hiking shoes along. And as far as the Transport in Sicily is concerned you can leave that up to the competent staff of the Sicilia shuttle service.

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