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Experience the Sweet Chocolaty Delights of Modica Sicily

Experience The Sweet Chocolaty Delights Of Modica Sicily

An attractive sprawling town in the south-eastern part of Sicily, Modica is known around the world for Baroque architecture and chocolate-making. This is one of the towns listed by UNESCO that it a prime tourist destination for the holidays and mostly for a day trip. This one is situated on the beautiful landscape of Monti Iblei which is a range of high ground separated by deep valleys and well-populated towns. This town of Sicily was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1693.

All the Things to See In Modica Sicily

The town is famous for the top three reasons- chocolate shops, museum, and cafes. Start your excursion on the valley-bottom high street. This is the location of the town’s museum which is the storehouse of the most exquisite collection of chocolates. The sweetest stop on tour is the chocolate museum Modica. This has specialised in the production of chocolate for centuries.

The chocolate here is made from an ancient technique of “cold working” where the paste of the cocoa beans is made in the same way as the Aztecs. The chocolate here is rich and crumbly in quality, and they are amply sold in the chocolate shops around Modica. You must take some of this goodness back home for yourself and your friends. The museum stays open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and it stays closed on Mondays. During Sundays, it stays open only for the first half.

The city is also called the “town of the 100 churches”, and there are many splendid cathedrals that you can walk around. Take a leisurely walk and soak in the intricacies of the baroque architecture.

After an extensive tour around the museums and shops, you can rest at one of the many cafes that dot the place. The quaint cafes serve heart-warming delights that you can enjoy while watching the world pass by you.

Taking Up Transport Services for Transfer in Sicily

The spot is a favourite among the people looking for a weekend destination. The most preferred way to get around the city is taking up of shuttle service to Modica like the kinds of Sicilia Shuttle Service. If you are a group of ten or twenty people, then your best bet is to take up a minivan hire. They will pick you up from and drop you at pre-mentioned locations. You need to book their services in advance, and they will ensure the timely delivery of their services. Make sure you carry water and comfortable shoes with you for the long walk around the museums and cathedrals.

All the worries regarding a transfer to Modica in Sicily are taken care of by the Sicilia Shuttle Service so that you can enjoy your vacation in style and comfort. The friendly and efficient staffs of the company will make sure that you come back for a trip in your next holiday.

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