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Milazzo – Imbarcadero to Aeolian Islands

Milazzo – Imbarcadero To Aeolian Islands

Sicily is dotted with several small towns that have their own beauty and significance. Milazzo is one of those many towns that have still retained its old world charm. Though this one is primarily an industrial town, the place has its significance in the fact that anyone who wants to reach the Aeolian Islands has to set foot in this town. Like any other cities of Italy, the beauty of this small town is still enthralling in its own way. So if you plan to travel to Aeolian Islands the stop you make at Milazzo to get the ships is not going to go to waste.

Milazzo Tourist Information

The city is located in provincia of Messina in Sicily. Several civilisations have left their mark on the town. The town even finds mention in the famous epic Odyssey by Homer where it is shown as the place where Ulysses meets Polyphemus. The original name of the town is said to be Mylae which was an outpost occupied by Athenians in 426 BC. There are several churches in the city that represent the baroque style of architecture. The other top sight to see is the Castle of Milazzo which was built by Arabs and the Normans.

The town also has a pretty and quaint old town (called Borgo Antico) that you can take a walk around. You can stand near the isthmus on the northern end that juts out to the sea and feast your eyes on the natural beauty of the blue seas beyond Milazzo beach speckled with rocky inlets. You can make this the spot to spend your leisure time while taking up your travel in Sicily and Aeolian Islands.

All You Need To Know About Getting a Transfer to Milazzo

Milazzo is the place that people come to go on their way towards the Aeolian Islands. If you are planning to go the town straight from the airport, then your best bet would be to get shuttle service to Milazzo like that of Sicilia Shuttle Service. They will pick you up right from the airport and drop you at the port from where you will get several ships and yachts that leave for the islands. For instance, there are Ships of Siremar Company, Hydrofoils of Liberty Lines Company and many more of the private yachts.

Many people take a different route and want to spend their weekend in this seaside town. For that, you can take the minivan hire from the airport and land straight at this place before spend the rest of your days in the Aeolian Islands. If you contact the Sicilia Shuttle Service, then they can arrange private transport to reach this palace.

Book you transfer to Milazzo and reach the Aeolian Islands

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