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Portorosa Marina Yachting – The Bright Blue Stop along the Way to the Aeolian Islands

Portorosa Marina Yachting – The Bright Blue Stop Along The Way To The Aeolian Islands

Italy is one place that is dotted with many beautiful cities and stops that make it an ideal tourist destination for people around the world. One of those many places is the Portorosa Marina which is the spot that tourists come to on their way to the Aeolian Islands. The place itself is really pretty with many restaurants and hotels lining the way. If you are on an Tour of Sicily, then this is the place where you can stop to rest and feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery all around.

All about Transfer to Portorosa

This is an elegant and modern location on the northern coast of Sicily. It is situated in the Gulf of Patti right between Capo Milazzo and Capo Tindari. If you are planning to head straight towards the Aeolian Islands from the airport, then your best bet is to take a shuttle service to Portorosa Marina Yachting like the ones offered by the Sicilia Shuttle Service. These services offer private transfer service to drop you off at the place. From this location, you get private yacht tours to the Aeolian Islands. It is best to pre-book the company for all of your transport on the tour as this will ensure that you reach the destinations right on time.

The best part about the services of the company is that they have the facility of providing you with special transport for the disabled. With the special seats and wheelchair facilities, they no longer need to travel in a separate vehicle than their other friends. You can even contact the Sicilia Shuttle Service if you plan to see all of the Aeolian Islands and other tourist spots of Sicily. They offer services for as many as twenty people at a time, and the rates are kept at the minimum to ensure there is no extra burden of expenses on your holiday budget.

Interesting Information on Portorosa Sicily

The structure is protected by two breakwater piers that keep it safe from the strongest of winds. Being located, just a few kilometres from the Aeolian Islands, this is the perfect location as a stop for the boats. The structure was built in the eighties by private individuals in Furnari right near the clear blues of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Portorosa attracts tourists also due to the Caribbean atmosphere and the many restaurants that serve soul-warming food. In 1993, the waters of the place were given the “Blue Flag” award naming it the most significant port channel between the Sicilian marinas. This place is of prime importance as the transfer to Portorosa Marina Yachting is easily available, and all of the private yachts start from the place. The facilities have been developed to the optimum to ensure the safety of the sailors.

Portorosa Marina will warm your heart with its beauty and comfort, and as far as reaching the locations in right time, you can leave that up to the highly competent services of the Sicilia Shuttle Service.

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