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Syracuse Ortigia – The Serene Island at the Heart of Syracuse

Syracuse Ortigia – The Serene Island At The Heart Of Syracuse

The spot that the travellers make a beeline for after completing all the mainland archaeological sites is Syracuse Ortigia. The island is touted as the historical heartland of Siracusa region. The ancient sites to explore at this particular place are few and far in between, but the calm and serenity of the place will draw you towards it. An excursion Syracusa is incomplete without a trip to the island that is considered the oldest part of the city. The place speaks of a history that is over 2,500 years old.

Reaching the Spot and Going Around

The best way to reach the place is opting for a minivan hire. There are several high quality services like Sicilia Shuttle Service that offer shuttle service to Syracuse Ortigia. They will take you up from a particular pre-destined spot and then drop you at the Syracuse Ortigia where you can take the whole day to see the place and its wonderful sights and scenes. With this amazing excursion you will discover lots of interesting things to do in this place. This will turn out to be one journey that will make you come back for more.

The Places to See and the Things to Do In Ortigia

The highlight of your trip in Ortigia a part the Duomo of Ortigia will be the fountain of Arethusa. According to the myths, an Arcadian nymph named Arethusa fled underwater to the place of Siracusa to run away from the advances of river God Alpheios. The goddess had transformed herself into the fresh water spring that we see today. The bus drivers of the Sicilia Shuttle Service will drop you near this place.
The next attraction is the Temple of Apollo, which is the first Doric temple of Sicily. The other must-see destination is Piazza Archimede which is named after Archimedes.
There are several other Ortigia points of interest, but if you wish not to see them, even that is completely cool. You can take a walk around the quaint streets and breathe in the sights of Ortigia Beach with its blue waters. If you want to come back to seeing the tourist spots, you always have the Ortigia Sicily map and the tips from the people of the Sicilia Shuttle Service.

The Must-Buy Things at the Place

The colourful street market is the must-visit place if you want to sample some of the authentic Italian delights from the farms. The street market offers you the best of fruit, vegetables, fish and meat. Walk a bit more into the market, and you will find the excellent array of hams, cured meats and cheese.
The beauty of the place will steal your heart, and the cordiality of the Sicilia Shuttle Service will make you come back for more.

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