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The Art and Architecture of Piazza Armerina Villa Romana and His Mosaics

The Art And Architecture Of Piazza Armerina Villa Romana And His Mosaics

One of the most extensive and finest displays of mosaics in the Roman world is found in Piazza Armerina Villa Romana del Casale. This is a large villa that is located at a distance of 3 km from the town called Piazza Armerina in Sicily. This has earned the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the largest and varied collection of mosaics. The collection and villa date back to the early 4th century AD. The area that it spreads over is more than 3000 sq. Meters and look remarkable for their excellent state of preservation.

The Interesting Stories and Facts about Piazza Armerina Villa Romana Del Casale

The owner of this spectacular villa is not known, but it can generally be agreed that he was a rich man. The general belief is that the place was one of the retreats of Maximianus Herculeus – the emperor of the western part of Rome between 285 and 305 AD. This could have been one of his hunting lodge and a place to entertain important guests. The place was long forgotten, and agriculture was carried on in the region till excavations began in the last half of the 19th century.

The most popular mosaic of the place is the 60-meter long one that depicts a hunting scene. Some of the other popular mosaics are girls playing with a ball, cherubs, bear’s head mosaic and geometric mosaics. The style bears similarity to North African art in both style and composition. Your Tour of Sicily deserves to have a stop at this place to take in the brilliance of creativity and architecture. The Villa Romana del Casale opening hour is from 9 am to 6 pm. You get to have a tour of the entire site with Villa Romana del Casale entrance fee of around ten Euros.

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