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The majestic grandeur of the ancient Theatre of Taormina

The Majestic Grandeur Of The Ancient Theatre Of Taormina

Glorified by mythical tales and nurtured by nature, Italy has always remained a traveller’s paradise. The ruins of the ancient architecture speak volumes about the rich history of the land. One of the many places of prime tourist attraction is the Ancient theatre of Taormina. The amphitheatre is located in the southern part of Italy and was built in around 3rdcentury BC. The theatre was primarily made to showcase dramas or musicals and got transformed during the Roman times as the site for games and gladiators. An Tour of in Sicily is incomplete without visiting this place.

The Ways and Means of Getting to the Place

The best way to see Taormina is taking a shuttle for hire from your Hotel. There are several shuttle services like Sicilia Shuttle Service that picks you up from your location in Sicily and give you a full day trip. Most of the companies that organise excursion to Taormina, drive through an itinerary where you can admire beautiful landscapes of Sicily right from Messina port to Mount Etna to the theatre of Taormina.

The Details about the Entry Fees to the Theatre of Taormina

The theatre is open daily from 9 am to 7 pm and in off-seasons until 4 pm. You need to have Taormina Greek theatre tickets to gain entry to the place and it cost eight Euros for the adults. Those who are below the age of 18 get the free entry to Taormina Greek theatre. To reach Taormina if you opt for minivan hire from an experienced and affordable company ask a quote to Sicilia Shuttle Service.

Things to Do While In the Place

The major attraction of the tour is definitely the Greek-Roman theatre that is set against the backdrop of the world-famous Mount Etna. You can also take a trip down the quaint streets of Taormina. As your bus driver and everyone else will suggest you, this is the place to be if you are planning to buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family.
On the streets outside the walls of the theatre, local artists sell their handmade goodies. There are other unique souvenirs too, that are made of lava. Now coming to the food part of the trip – do not forget to taste the renowned pistachios and honey of the region. Lastly, go back to your minibus and reach the end of your Taormina tour while tasting the delicious and authentic Italian ice-cream.

The charm of history, the serenity of natural beauty, the ease of travelling around with Sicilia Shuttle Service and obviously their competent staff – all these are sure to draw you back to the place time and again.

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