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The Fun Never Ends At Etnaland Theme Park

The Fun Never Ends At Etnaland Theme Park

If there is one place that is enjoyed by everyone from 5 to 50 years, it is the theme parks. The colourful rides and the even more colourful and happy faces of everyone around fill you with joy from inside. If you are on a trip to Sicily, then a must-visit tourist hotspot is Etnaland Theme Park.The park is located at the foot of Mount Etna- a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While the Etnaland Acquapark became operational since 2001, the theme park opened its doors in the year 2013. All the fun-filled activities at the place make it a major attraction for not just the locals, but for the tourists as well.

Reaching the Theme Park

Some of the most frequent visitors to the park are the ones travelling from Malta to Sicily. After reachingt he Pozzallo port, getting a transfer to Etnaland is quite easy. If you are travelling from Malta, the most common and convenient way taken up by tourists is hiring shuttle service to Etnaland Theme park like the Sicilia Shuttle Service. They pick you up from Pozzallo port, and after the whole day of enjoying at the theme park, you can again opt for a minivan hire back to Pozzallo.

The minibuses like those provided by Sicilia Shuttle Service must be contacted beforehand to ensure that you are picked up on time. The best part about such transfer to Etnaland Theme park is that you do not need to take any hassle of looking for cars on the spot to reach the place. The hired agency will make sure that you reach the park comfortably and affordable. The rates of the services as mentioned above vary according to the size of the group, but you can rest assured that it will always be within your budget.

Things to Enjoy At the Park

Options galore once you are at the park. Go for the rides like ‘The Storm’, ‘Quasar’, or ‘Etnaland Tower’ if you are feeling extremely adventurous. The frequent visitors to Etnaland Theme park will also suggest you try ‘The school’, ‘Eldorado’, and ‘Revo-Rock’. For the lovebirds, ‘the boats of the Love Lagoon’ is a must-try. Do you want some family bonding fun? Then hop on to the ‘Hip-hop coaster’ or engage in some ‘Splash Battle.’ Keeping in mind the year-round influx of tourists, the Etnaland opening days timings of the park have been kept convenient too.

It remains open the whole day during spring and fall and at night during the summers. It is important to mention in this regard that the transfer services like Sicilia shuttle are available for hire at all seasons. You will get to buy gifts for friends and family from the various shops inside the park. There are also services regarding photo booths and restaurants available within the park. In short, this is one place where your whole day is sorted, and you leave with a smile on your face.

Your holiday in Sicily will feel wholesome once you visit this theme park. Get into carnival mood and leave all your worries about transfer in Sicily to Sicilia Shuttle Service.

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